The hair clippers are used to style your hairs in a professional way. The best clippers to fade hair and the people are using these clippers in order to get the professional look. The main types of clippers are corded and cordless clippers. Both the corded and cordless are used differently and have their own advantages and disadvantages. One must choose the clipper according to your use and need and also check the features and price of the clippers.

Let us have some knowledge about the corded and cordless clippers and know their advantages and disadvantages which are as follows:-

Corded clippers: Corded clippers are that have clippers to make them ON and this is the main difference between the corded and cordless clippers.




  • Corded clippers are best known for the battery as they are with a cord so they will never run out of power.
  • The corded clippers last longer because there is no need to replace the battery of corded clippers.


  • Corded clippers have less flexibility as they can be taken to a specific place because of their cord length.
  • Also, the cord of the corded clippers can get tangled and it will take time to solve the tangles of it.

Cordless clippers: – Cordless clippers are free of cord and provide you greater mobility than the corded clippers.


  • It is portable as it can be taken everywhere and you also don’t need to plug in it so it can be sued anywhere.
  • These have long battery life.


  • As these are operated by battery, you need to charge it from time to time.
  • It can take a long time to get charged.

Lastly, the above mentioned are some pros and cons of both the corded and cordless clippers.

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