No more traditional thoughts or choices for the modern house that you have bought recently as every inch of it is modernized with the research that you have done. Since you would be staying in it you would definitely want to make every accessory in it to be unique. How about the double controlled ceiling fans. You could think buying the  unique ceiling fans that are available on the portal. You would get both the double switched and remote type of fans. But, it all depends on what you want. Do you want to carry the remote in your hand all the time without giving any rest to your hand? If no, then you should think of the double switch controlled fans.

Well, there is also a chance that you do not want to trouble your elders to move near to the switch for switching it off in your absence. In such situations you could ensure that they know how to operate the remote that would help them operate the fans by sleeping on their beds. If you think children also should not go near to the sockets as there is a chance that they would play with the sockets that might have been left open for fitting in charges so as to charge the mobiles, then you should start using the remotes.
It is not about the mode of operation that would qualify a fan to be unique. You should also look at its wings and the length of the same. You should see the angle in which these wings are designed so as to help you enjoy the cool air in the room in which they are fixed to the ceiling. The colors, the patterns, the decorations on the wings and the body would ensure that your house looks good.

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